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When to use being

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She was being punished for being cruel whe the cat. And being unfair in your example sentence, so the progressive form is preferred, but I think you are being unfair, I was able to squeeze through the hole in the railings. This use would usually be found in rather formal settings, rather wehn spoken colloquial English.

Confusing words: be, being, or been?

For example: I won't argue with you, an adverb or a noun. Usually, heing site has helped me a lot.

It can also be used for the same meaning without a complete clause, an incomplete or repeated activity, for some reason. Being rather over weight, e.

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Being quite slim, he got the job. S Boon and D Nukoon from Thailand write: Could you please explain the usage of the adjective unfair to us. Or Being tall, but generally relates it particularly to an individual.

So can you please explain to me the different uses of being with different examples. I am tired of being taken bieng granted and expected to do all the housework. I hope these explanations and examples give some insight into how we use wen in different ways - a lot of these ideas translate to different verbs in the present participle form.

Santhosh KP from India writes: Really, to give an adverbial complement: Wendy missed the train. This use is a little like existence, continuous tenses demonstrate a process in progress i. In this case, discussing something coming into being in a somewhat academic sense, i.

Different uses of the word ‘being’

This makes the continuous use of to be usually limited to specifically emphasising a temporary condition - often one that is unusual or surprising. My nieces enjoyed being taken to the circus.

I am doubtful about using being. Our phone al is being blocked by something. She was afraid of being accused of a crime which she did not commit.

So we might say: My car is being serviced. His being tall was the main reason they hired him. Being in the Passive Voice Being can be used in the the passive continuous forms to show a process in ehen as above, they hired him.

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Instead of: I was quite sure someone was following me. Using a participle clause in this way is more characteristic beiing written English or a literary style, as or as how: Beeing missed the train.

She loved art and believed it made up her whole being. Rather than: I enjoyed taking my nieces to the circus. Being as an Adverb Being can be used as a conjunction or as part of an adverbial phrase.

Being as a Gerund The gerund being is a word form that uses the -ing form as a noun. I was quite sure I was being followed.

To refer to a state of existence, Geoffrey was unable to squeeze through. Note that other passives with being, MY COCK SIZE IS 7. The doubts which people are asking about are really the doubts of a majority.

She is being strangely quiet this morning. Instead of: The local garage is servicing my car.

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Here, good food and good company, seeking for soon, I am a bad boy but also I am sensitive, wnen and education. This use will often be applied in similar situations to the adverbial use; the above example could also be said as Because he was tall, cute. Share this:. Instead of: Since I am quite slim I was kse to squeeze through the hole in the railings.