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Watching mom and dad Wants Vip Sex

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Watching mom and dad

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(literally) Look forward to hearing from you, send. Expect brief email exchange to determine interest and compatibility.

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I really enjoy the taste of my cum mixed with their fresh fucked pussy juice. I used the cum in dda snd to lube up my dick even more. Andd finally started to relax her tremors dsd slower now until she relaxed back onto the bed with a low moan.

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It was too much. But there were also some strange inconsistencies in what went on? Mom climbed up on the bed rolled onto her back and put her legs in the air. Flick it" She then let watchiny a long "Fuuuuuck" and started to tremble uncontrollably grinding her pussy harder against his tongue. Another one of my perversions I guess.

Mom moved up further onto the bed and dad climbed up. If you were raised in this environment you will know what I'm talking about and will find these stories interesting.

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This is a print version of story Watching mom and dad by comadrejar from xHamster. Dad licked a little longer getting all of her pussy juice. Mom started moaning and got loader and loader. But eventually my curiosity and what I realize now was the start of a life time perversion watcbing the watchong of me.

Mom and dad both were breathing hard letting out watchiing sounds of pleasure.

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He did this for a few minutes! The adrenaline that would flow thru your body at just the thought of doing the things I did was an incredible high and has stayed with me to this day. I had been listening to them for a long time but I had no idea what they actually did. She had to clean add cum stained sheets and empty the cum filled kleenex out of my waste basket but she never said a word. Just before I left I saw dad put his head back between moms legs.

If I ahd a woman who doesn't like her pussy licked I sometimes leave without ever fucking them. Mom let out a small cry and arched her back meeting his thrust. Mom said "Suck my clit and lick my pussy baby.

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I've been brave enough some nights to actually stand outside their door as I jerk off listening to them grunt and groan. I also mok surprised at how few men take the time to lick their woman's pussy clean after wnd have sex.

I couldn't stop it. Kom only saw it for a moment wathcing it's tip watchingg a stream of precum split her lips and disappeared as he slowly thrust it into her pussy. I remember thinking how pink it was. That's if mom quiets down enough for me to hear them.

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I saw moms legs up in the air and spread apart with d head between her legs. It was a couple of weeks later before I got up the nerve to even see if their door was open when Xnd heard mom moaning as they had sex.

D head started bobbing up and down licking the juices flowing from her pussy into his mouth? My dick had let out a stream of precum that was almost to the floor. She would open the bathroom door after wtaching showers to towel off and didn't seem to care that I could look right out my bedroom and watch. Flick it with your tongue.

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She started to jerk and breath deep finally she watchhing "Fuck fuck fuck!!!. I let out a soft grunt that was covered my the noise they were making. My orgasm was so intense, it jerked a few times and I shot my load all over the door to their room.

And I say that with all the chemicals that we know are used to fight wars and bring a society to it's knees. That was back anc I was younger and had first started jerking off.